Stuco Elections

STUCO Elections
Posted on 09/17/2019
Stuco Elections

2019-2020 WCMS Student Council Elections are underway!  Students who are running for a position in Student Council had an opportunity to persuade fellow classmates to vote for them on Thursday, September 12, 2019  by sharing their points of view and commitments during the morning assembly. Some parents came to show support for their children.

Students that are running:

For President the nominees are:

  • Viviana Carrillo
  • Nathaniel Guillen
  • Mia Perez
For vice president the nominees are :
  • Angelica Castelo
  • Azul Ruiiz
  • Melannie Camacho
  • Yomara Lopez
  • Mariana Resto

For Secretary the nominees are:
  • Alessa Lopez
  • Nayeli Lopez

For Treasure the nominees are:
  • John Nunez
  • Mattthew yepiz 
  • Abraham Estrada

For Historian the nominees are
  • Alan Hernandez 
  • Fernanda Solis
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