Be Kind Mural

Ben’s Bells Campus Be Kind Mural Comes to WCMS
Posted on 03/04/2020
Ben’s Bells Campus Be Kind Mural Comes to WCMSOn February 27, 2020 Ben’s Bells came to WCMS to begin the installation of our campus Be Kind Mural.  With the assistances from parent volunteers the project took only two days to complete.

Students couldn’t help but smile as they took a minute in-between classes to gaze at the development of the mural.  They also enjoyed the laughter, hard work and kindness that was being shared and demonstrated between the adults.  Some students were so inspired that they asked if a photo could be taken of them next to the Be Kind Mural.

Our Principal could feel the good juju in the air which compelled him to get his hands dirty by cementing some titles onto the mural.

One would say, “The mural was already working its magic of kindness.”

We would like to thank the following parents who helped to make this happen:  Marcia Rodriguez, Alma Montoya, Leticia Lona, Miguel Arvizu, Gloria Hernandez-Celaya, Norma Oros, Ramona Oros, Irma Hernandez, Martin Hernandez, Janeth Valle and Little Aislynn Hernandez who by the way dropped her coloring and preferred to joined in helping with the installation.

Also, a “Big Thank You” to Ben’s Bells for sharing their beautiful mural and kindness.