"Women Who Inspire Me" Writing Contest

A commendation to our students who participated in the 2018 "Women Who Inspire Me" Writing Contest

A Letter from Congressman Raul M. Grijalva 3rd District, Arizona

Dear Ms Dupati,

On Behalf of the state of Arizona, i would like to commend you for your students' participation in the 2018 "Women Who Inspire Me" Writing Contest!

The "Women Who Inspire Me" Writing Contest serves twofold: to recogniza the strong female role models of students within our community...continue reading

About the "Women Who Inspire Me" Writing Contest

The office of the Congressman of Raul Grijalva conducts an annual Essay writing competition in the honor of the Women’s history month in March for Middle School students in the 3rd Congressional District, on the topic “Women who inspire me”. Students are allowed to either write an Essay or a poem about any women who plays a vital role in inspiring them- whether they are historical figure, a government official or a member of the family. Students got an opportunity to compete with other students of the same grade from within the Congressional District.

Wade Carpenter students of Sixth Grade of Ms. Dupati’s class had an overwhelming participation of 31 students out of 64 from the entire Congressional district.

All the participants were invited along with their Inspiring Person – to an award ceremony at the Tucson District office. At the ceremony the students were invited to read their Essay also to meet and interact with some of the Inspiring women of our community. The students, who attended this ceremony on the evening of March 30, were more than happy to be having a glimpse and listen to the famous, leading and Inspiring women of Tucson.

This was a great expansion of horizon for students to recognize strong female roles within the family and community and to identify the impact of women at a young age. Students were able to reflect on the Ordinary- everyday woman of their life - who inspires them. The essays had tremendous outflow of emotion, respect, gratitude and acknowledgment of the great unnoticed and UNSUNG heroes of our time, our area and the nation. But thanks to the efforts of our Congressman Raul Grijalva, students here in this Congressional district are gaining a different perspective.