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Field trip To las lagunas
Las Lagunas Field Trip.
The Junior Anza Birding Club had it's first field trip of the year to Las Lagunas. We explored the marsh and found many interesting birds, including a rare bird called the American Bittern. We also observed a beautiful white Great Egret fly over the marsh as the sun was setting. Students really enjoyed themselves observing birds, exploring nature, and participating in citizen science.
Best Class First Quarter
WCMS Band Best class of first Quarter
You Shine the brightest because you work the hardest!
Baby Gym Image (JPEG)
Baby Gym Class Starting / Inicia clases de Gimnasia para Bebes
BABY GYM classes starting. Recommend this class for parents with children 6 months to 22 months of age. / Clases de GIMNASIO PARA BEBES. recomendado para padres con niƱos de 6 a 22 meses de edad